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alfred 05-27-2007 11:48 AM

WWS Pro 4wd 1:18th Sedan/On-road
WWS Pro 4wd 1:18

The WWS Pro 4wd offers a whole new level of performance to the 1/18th 4wd on-road scene. With features such as a Mid-mounted belt system, oil shocks and adjustability usually only found on larger scales; this platform will be sure to impress any dedicated racer. The WWS Pro 4wd was developed by WWS Racing, which is renowned in the European micro and large scale racing circuit for high quality competitive kits.

Intrepid RC is proud to introduce this car, along with other WWS products, to the North American market.


Mid-Mounted two-belt drive
Two-deck fiberglass chassis
Oil shocks front and rear
Ultra-low point of gravity
Ball differentials front and rear
Servo saver
Swaybars front and rear
Adjustable caster, camber, toe-In, droop
Foam impact bumper
Foam tires and rims with 8mm hex
Metal universal joints front
Fully ball raced
WWS 300 size motor
Lemans Group C body included


Length: 191mm
Wheelbase: 148mm (Adjustable)
Trackwidth: 99mm
Weight: 243g (w/o electronics)

For more information and pricing, please visit

alfred 05-27-2007 01:29 PM

That sucker does look nice as hell.......:D

SteveM 05-28-2007 06:42 AM

What's the pricing like?

alfred 05-28-2007 12:45 PM

I sent them an email on pricing so hopefully they will get back to me soon.:D

SN33KY 08-15-2008 02:03 AM

Hey any news on this car?

alfred 08-15-2008 09:10 AM

If you do a will find lots of pics....and as for them getting back to me they never did.:confused:

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